Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Time is a thief can't stop continues on unless it is daylight savings and you fall back and even then you have to give back.  Time has been on my mind a lot lately and not necessarily because of Day Light Savings.  No...the passing of time has brought on the aging of two of my children.

My oldest turned 22 last week and my baby turned 16.  Not that they changed over night or anything, but in my mind they have.  Time is like a thief and it has stolen yet again.  Where has their childhood gone?

I lament the passing of time...It is agonizing sometimes to watch.

Each time I look in the mirror I wonder who is this woman staring back at me, and where did my own 16 and 22 year old self go?  Every wrinkle is a reminder of the passage of time and of living.

It's sad really, and also sweet.

It's about the destination and how we get there that matters.  Time continues on and we press forward living the best life we can, and being the best person we can be, because we want to matter in the end.

I want to matter.

When I look at my 16 year old, I relive where I was, evaluating where I am, and focus on where I am headed...jogging down this pathway of life.  And, despite my heart's lamentations of time, it's all good.

Time is often a welcomed thief...

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  1. Oh Lisa, I totally go through this too. My son is 23 and my daughter 18. She will leave for college this year and my son will launch his life. I turn 50 this year too. Where does it all go? And yet, I try to love and savor each chapter in life and what it is opening for me. Still, there's a bit of melancholy when it comes to our kids, isn't there?

  2. At 25, I'm the youngest person in my family. I don't have any children yet, nor am I married--however, I, too, am amazed with how quickly time moves. I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day, and she remarked that she doesn't feel "weird" about me, her baby, turning 30. She said she doesn't really think it'll be weird when my brother--her eldest--will turn 40 (that's in a few years). "I think the thing that will bother me the most," she said, "is in two years, when I turn 60. I think that's when I'll feel old, that I'll feel time has gone too quickly." It's true--I have a lot of growing up to do still. But I came across a workbook I filled out when I was 10 years old. One of the questions in the book asked what I thought I would be doing in 15 years--now. I had written, "I will be married and will have two kids, a boy and a girl. I will live in a house and have a job too." ... None of those things happened (for now), and I'm okay with that. Things don't always turn out the way you originally think they will, and that's okay. Fifteen years ago, I was 10. And, in another fifteen years, I'll be 40. ... That's what shocks me. Same period of time ... so many different experiences. And I know it will go quickly. It has to. The days pass within a blink as it is.


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