Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Football for Christmas

Yeah, It's true!  It's almost February, and I am going to make a Christmas post.  That is because I have had creativity blockage.  Back in December I posted about some Flexibility having to do with the Holidays, because I'm pretty much a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas.  But, by the kindness of a friend, we were in possession of 5 free tickets to the Maaco Bowl in Las Vegas to see our favorite BSU play some football the Saturday before Christmas....a 12 hour drive.  Christmas in Vegas?  I wasn't so sure, but the promise of seeing my Grandmother in California the day after the game had me consenting.  Besides, I came to the realization that I was probably the only one who cared about those silly traditions.  We were to drive home on Christmas Eve.

As it turns out a major storm watch was in effect for Utah (our route home) on Christmas Eve.  So, (more flexibility here), we packed up a day early without seeing grandma to make it safely home.  We still hit 2 hours of blizzard, but that was far better than twelve.

I really should get some kind of award here.  But, time with KT, Air Force Man, Ladybug and BLT was time well spent.

FYI, BSU won!  So worth the trip...


  1. What a trip-- good for you for finding the nugget of joy in it!

  2. Traditions are wonderful and I agree with you. Christmas in Vegas does sound strange. Looks like a great trip.


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