Monday, January 28, 2013

A Girl CAN Change Her Mind

Back at the beginning of the year, which totally seems like ages ago, I picked a word of the year:  Wellness. What you don't know is that I had a word choose me, but I totally ignored it because it seemed too easy, like something I already had down.  But, I have decided that part of my creativity block may very well have to do with not choosing the appropriate word.  The word that chose me is Gratitude.  I feel like I already have a thankful heart.  But a talk I gave in church and later posted on my blog, (part 1, part 2, part 3), was planted like a seed in my heart and would just not let go.

I am therefore, changing my focus word to Gratitude in hopes of honoring what maybe God has chosen for me and putting my stubbornness aside.  I'll still focus on my wellness but perhaps not in such a public format. I even have a few Wellness posts written and scheduled.  I'll still post those, because I took the time for them, but after that, my one word focus will be Gratitude, because a girl CAN change her mind. Let the creativity of posting flow again....

Have you ever felt a word calling to you?
Last year, for me, it was Simplify.  


  1. It's a word I need to remember often. Good choice on both words.

  2. Well done to you for allowing yourself the freedom to change your mind. Now you can be grateful you have a few posts done ahead of time! ;) I think gratitude is something that everyone should focus on daily even alongside other goals or a focus on another word. Wellness is certainly something to be grateful for, so either way, I say you'd be set!

    Off to read about the talks you gave...

  3. Being grateful is always a good idea!!! I think most of us forget just how blessed we really are. Thank you for the reminder!


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