Friday, January 25, 2013

Let it melt, Let it melt, Let it melt

It snowed on Christmas Eve, then again on New Years, and it hasn't melted yet!  I'm sure you think, "Hey lady, you live in Idaho, what do you expect?"  But it has seriously never stayed like this least not in Southern Idaho.  We usually get a snow and it melts off by noon.  This snow has stayed because of the single digit freezing temperatures we have been stuck in for nearly a month.  Brrr. We haven't been able to take down our Christmas lights, not because we are lazy, but because of all the ice on the roof.  This weekend it is supposed to warm up to 37°.  I don't think I've ever celebrated 37° before.  It's almost tropical!  Time to take those down!

This is what happens when it's been foggy and freezing.

Kind of a pretty effect to this chilly weather.

Speaking of shaving yesterday,
KT had to shave off his goatee for work.

Now he remarks that his chin gets cold.  
Ya think?


  1. It hasn't been this cold in the 12 years I've lived here. I can't wait for it to warm up into the mid 30s! Crazy! I want to let our chickens back out into the back yard and have all that ice thaw out everywhere!

  2. Brrrr chill!! Fog and freezing makes for a lovely combination!!

  3. Beautiful shots of the ice and snow! They're always prettier when you aren't the one experiencing them, though, I'm sure. :)


  4. beautiful!!

    hope it melts soon for you :)

  5. Your photos are just beautiful! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that it warms up soon :)

  6. So weird! We are having warm weather and Utah and Idaho are having their worst winters yet!! It is so beautiful, but after living in it for 3 years, so glad to not have to drive in the snow. Really scary!


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