Monday, June 6, 2011

Travel Diaries #2

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. First of all, I am completely inept. I did post once about it here. I am the navigator on trips. It is the job that falls on the person sitting in the passenger side of the vehicle. No one else is brave enough to take that seat. It's true. I'm the only one. So, back in the day when we would travel, I would have a map spread out across my lap dictating to KT every turn we should make. I didn't do a bad job, if I do say so myself. I got us all the way across the country twice without getting us lost.  Yeah, I'm good...KT's biggest pet peeve, though,  was if I held the map up for other drivers to see. It would upset him. He didn't want people to know we were "tourists, visitors, IDIOTS". Have you ever tried to hold a large map down low on your lap in a car. Yeah not easy...

You can imagine my pleasure with the thought of using a GPS for more recent trips, but alas, said navigator is technologically inept. I'm sure KT won't argue with that. So first, I have to figure out how to turn on the GPS in the multipurpose handy dandy iPhone. If I happened to accomplish that difficult feat, then I have to repeat word for word, mind you, what the navigator lady says. Like he can't hear it! Then, he wants to know what's coming next. Well, sometimes GPS lady doesn't give too much notice. Not much more than "Turn right in 200 feet", by that time, sometimes we've missed the turn.

What's even better is when GPS loses the signal and I have to hold the unit up to the window trying to get a stronger signal. Searching the sky with my eyes like I can visually find it.  What happened to not showing anyone the map so they don't know we are a tourist?

Beam me up Scotty...

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  1. I don't have a GPS, but I've heard so many horror stories that I have decided to use good old fashioned MapQuest.

  2. Lots of posts bashing the hubby lately......

  3. Oh man, GPS, I've been lead down the wrong path many times with GPS, but it's also helped me many times :)


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