Monday, June 27, 2011


I hate being disorganized. But, I sometimes can't seem to control the chaos that tends to take over. My computer hutch is truly a "Hot Spot" in our house and a constant battle. Remember when I reorganized my pantry with these baskets?    I love them!  I bought extra to redo  my computer space.

Before and very revealing...

After feels so much better! 


  1. I have a basket addiction problem. My husband thinks i need a 12 step program for it - it's that bad. :) your computer space looks good now!

  2. I a difference the baskets make! I love it. I have a thing for baskets too!

  3. I love baskets, too! So much better than just piles of stuff everywhere! (I am over from Tatertots and Jello!)

  4. I love how you were able to organize this so well...I am so stuck on how to organize a place for me. I started yesterday and just had to use a table to put in my room. I had to put it next to a window so there is no place for shelves. I am going to be moving again in the next couple months and finally should be able to buy a place of my own again. It will be very small...hopefully I can show you the space and I can get some ideas from all you talented people. I love how you can turn something that looks so chaotic into a very peaceful space. Great Work! Cheers!


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