Friday, May 28, 2010

I'd rather die...

I would rather die than watch these movies with my husband.  I know it shows my love for him when I sit and try to enjoy something he likes, but I would seriously rather have a root canal.  Here is a list of movies that sends me into fits of vomiting and running from the room.  I call them wife repellent...

1.  Hot Shots
2.  Dumb and Dumber
3.  Bench Warmers
4.  Dodge ball
5.  Dumb and Dumber 2
6.  Austin Powers
7.  Water Boy
8.  Happy Gilmore
9.  Monty Python

I am such an
unsupportive wife!


  1. We are long lost twins. I know just how you feel.

  2. I concur. My husband has an obsession with the movie Tron. AHHHHH! Did you know they are making a new Tron movie and it's coming out this December? It's all my husband can talk about.

  3. I don't normally like to watch ANY movies. At all. Like ever. Yes, I do have the occassional off-mood where I'm game for a movie. But really, my poor husband is so neglected in this area. I'd rather have him go with some guy friends to see Iron Man 2, for example. He'd rather go with me. So he'll probably not see it at all. He had to wait until my family came into town to have someone to watch Sherlock Holmes with (I still didn't see it).

    But you know, I'm 99% always in the mood for sex, and I guess this balances out the never-in-the-mood-for-movies thing. Marriage is a lot of give and take, right? :)

  4. Ha ha, that's the way I am with most of my husband's movies...thankfully he can hold Z and watch them now, ha!


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