Monday, May 10, 2010

Babies are Mesmerizing

What is it about little babies that is so mesmerizing?  I find that I can sit and stare at them for hours.  I get lost in those little eyes, that just a short time ago laid eyes on our Heavenly Father.  I ogle them watching for those sweet expression and smiles as I ooh and ahh.  I blow raspberries in their chubby necks to hear the contagious giggles.  I thought this rapture and infatuation had ended with my babies.  How could I possibly feel the same about any other baby? 

Then, in walks Baby Z, and she has stolen my heart.  My little niece comes for a visit about once a week.  I am at my brother's mercy.  I have texted him, "Go to a movie and bring me your baby!", though they have yet to take me up on my offer.  I am so glad he and my sis are willing to share and let me goober all over their sweet little angel from time to time.

Some people think babies are boring.  They find more excitement in them as they get older and become more interactive.  I find there is something divine about every stage, but when they are infants, they are the closest you can come to heaven.


  1. The rasberry giggles are absolutely the best! What a sweet niece you have!

  2. I met my 4 month-old niece, for the first time, this weekend. And I fell in love with her! I almost babynapped her.

  3. This is sweet. I must admit though that while I love to stare at all the baby yumminess, I do not want to hold them. Weird.

    I love that you beg to babysit. :-)

  4. So true! I'm trying to soak up every minute, but Z is still growing too fast!! I especially love kissing little baby cheeks, oh so soft!

  5. Babies are the best! I can't kiss those soft cheeks enough!

  6. I agree! I can stare at my babe for hours. I'm amazed by everything he does. such a cute blog. love the name! :)
    nicole visiting from


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