Monday, May 3, 2010

Men and Women, jeesh!

I am writing this today in frustration...MEN!  I am in no way bashing men.  Don't get me wrong...I am just frustrated and venting.  What makes it so difficult to call an outdoor sporting event due to weather?  I mean seriously?  The weatherman has been predicting thunderstorms all day, but, yet, we gather at the field an hour before for warm ups anyway.  The coaches are intently studying the skyline as flashes of lightening flicker all around the field.  Maybe if you study it hard enough it will go away?  I don't know...  Let's wait until the storm is right on top of us whipping wind and sand as well as lightening and large claps of thunder before you decide it is SAFE to call the game.  Does it make you less of a man to call the game before the other coach?  Finally, we call the game because parents are grabbing their daughters and running for their car.  Ducking our heads down to the wind, we are making our escape and praying that we don't get hit by lightening or worse yet a car in that parking lot that is a sea of chaos.  This is just one of those moments that is like a big neon sign shouting how different men and women are...Me, I would have called the game at the first clap of thunder, but I am overly cautious...


  1. I would too! I don't get men when it comes to sports.

  2. Oh yeah. It's crazy. Sometimes it is the refs who won't call it.

  3. Its the Ego! Just blame it on the huge Ego's men feel the need to pack around. Gotta luv em anyways.

  4. One time we are at one of the kids baseball games when it started to storm out.

    The fields are at the bottom of a huge hill, and the parking lot is at the top.

    They took all the boys into the concession stand to "wait it out' while the parents (and their other kids) were left out in the storm, waiting....

    Finally, they called the game!

  5. Who is knowing the working of the crazy man's mind? They seem to think it's manly to tough out situations that most people would reasonably call a halt too. I'm with you. It just doesn't make sense!

  6. Men doing the "smart thing" when it comes to sports??? Oh you are asking for way too much. I have been in this situation so many times with my husbands softball team. They act like they don't know what is going on and just pull their hats down so they cant see the lightning storm above them. I stopped going. It was too painful. I know these men are smart, they all have successful jobs.When it comes to their games though, they are clueless/careless.
    that's men.


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