Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"Happiness depends more on the 
inward disposition of mind  
than on outward circumstances."
~Benjamin Franklin~

This reminds me to always look inside myself for peace and happiness.  Worldly things and amusements only bring temporary happiness, nothing lasting. 


  1. So true. Attitude is so much. I think of Joseph of Egypt. Hated by his brothers, so into slavery, falsely imprisoned. He could have been totally depressed or angry but that would have been completely unproductive. And I certainly never have it worse than he did. I think his story is a great example of how there is purpose for our lives even when we can't see it and if we have the right attitude and are productive the Lord will help us.

  2. I was actually paying attention in sunday school during that lesson about Joseph - Great lesson of example and attitude.

  3. not only that, but in thinking of things like hurricane katrina we'd all better have our wealth within us rather than displayed on a glass shelf somewhere... good post.

  4. That Ben. He was one wise man. We could use a man like him right now.

  5. That is so well said. We all really can make our own happiness, can't we?! Or at the very least...try to!


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