Monday, March 29, 2010

Most Used Card

I have two very well used cards in my wallet.  One is my debit card, I mean who writes checks anymore? It is so annoying when you stand in line at the grocery store behind someone who actually writes a check. When debit cards first came out, KT was upset and said we were becoming a cashless society.  Boy was he right!  I never have cash anymore!  But that could be due to the fact that I have teenagers.  Anyway, beside the point, the second most used card in my wallet is my library card.

I love a good trip to the library.  I could peruse for hours.  I love the quiet hush, and the allure of the well stocked shelves.  The crinkly books beckon to me.  I am entranced by historical fiction, historical romance, mystery, murder, drama and thrillers.  There is so much adventure just awaiting the turn of the first page.  Adventures I wouldn't dare live out in real life but live vicariously through these well written authors.  I have tried to instill this love of reading in my children.  I read them classics when they were young and some not so classic books.  We took trips to the library for story hour and to check out our own stack of adventures.

TJ was reading Harry Potter in 2nd grade.  He got frustrated with my reading it to them, and he took it and finished it on his own.  TJ doesn't enjoy reading anymore.  As he is nearly graduated, I kind of blame the loss of interest in reading on the school system...All that assigned boring, dry material...It kind of takes the fun out of it. 

Miguel, doesn't like to read so much.  He had a rough go of it with tracking issues and, let's face it, ADHD.  He was always one to be read to or a book on tape.

Ladybug, though is a girl after my own heart.  She could spend hours up in her room with a good book.  With all the boys gone this weekend at one thing or another, she and I both curled up in bed together Saturday morning reading.  It is amazing how fast time flies when you are so engrossed.  She brings home those sweet newspaper scented book orders from school with near everything circled. 

Do you enjoy reading?  Do you go to the library, too?  What is your most used card?


  1. Yup, my most used card is definitely my debit card!!! I use it for everything, and like you, very rarely have actual cash on me. And I get soooo annoyed when I see people writing actual checks. I know I shouldn' each their own, right? But I just want to be like, "hello?!? Welcome to the 21st century!!!"

    I love the library, but hardly ever get a chance to go. Confession time: our main library, the big huge historic building downtown, creeps me out!!! But I am a big baby anyway! lolol I don't mind the main floor because there are always a lot of people and it is bright and open, but I can't go to the upper floors alone where there is just rows and rows and stacks of books and nothing else. I am convinced it is haunted!!!

  2. I literally cannot remember the last time I checked out a book from the library. I'm sure if I had children, I would use it all the time. I usually just buy books, used, from Amazon. Which is why we have books coming out our ears!

  3. I love reading too! It's my favorite pastime. I'm trying to instill a love of reading into my kids as well. It's working so far!

    Our local library is really sad. I don't use it as much as I would like because it's so small and there is so little selection.

  4. My library card is my most beat up card also! We go every 2 weeks & stock up on books. I have always been an avid reader...but I don't retain much of what I read, it's just for the moments pleasure. So I sometimes check out a book I have already read because it looks interesting! Hubs enjoys laughing over that!

  5. My boys could have me read books to them all day! I wish we a had a good library here in our small town. I love the provo and orem librarys. I used to spend a lot of time in them when I lived there.

  6. I visit the library a lot. I occasionally have to write a check when my husband has our debit card. Tomorrow he will have it and I have to buy food, so I will write a check. I try to be really quick though!

  7. LOVE reading. I can't wait for Jack's naptime because that is when I get to read :) However, I am a sucker for books that I don't have to think a lot through. I only like the books where I feel relaxed and don't have to use too much brain power :) haha!

  8. I love books and lbraries. You should read my post "The Librarians Daughter."

  9. debit card for sure and I used to love to go to the library, then we moved. I should check it out. I believe ours is rinky dink, so I may have to search out a better one.

  10. Yep, my debit card is well used. Unfortunately my library card not so much.

    I love to read, but have a penchant for owning my own books. And, it usually takes me a while to finish a book because I tend to read five or six at once. That doesn't work well with library books....


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