Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ah Spring Break!

Today is the first official day of Spring break. Do you hear my big sigh of relief? I love my job, I really do...But, I've never grown out of my need for Christmas, Spring and Summer break. That's why I work at a school. It suits me...I love having the quandary of "What am I going to do today?" I head into my breaks thinking I have all this time in the world as I think of all the relaxing I am going to do. Unfortunately, life has a way of taking over, doesn't it?

I did a little sprucing up here recently...Spring cleaning if you will.  Do you like the new layout?  Gotta keep things fresh, you know...


  1. Yay! Spring Break! I hope that you have a good relaxing time. You deserve it! Thank you for all you do for the school.

    And I do like the new design. Very spring like! It fits you. :)

  2. Love the new look!!! Spring Break... what is that and who gets the break? Not me thats for sure!

  3. Love the new look! No joke, I saw this wallpaper on and thought of you! It was meant to be. :)

  4. yes, i like the new place. I need to so spruce my place up and make my blog sparkle again.

  5. Ah yes, Spring Break. I'm working on putting away the clean laundry!

  6. Oh, I so badly wish that I could have spring break this week. I want to be laying in the grass surrounded by flowers just like you picture. ok...realistically, I would spend my time with endless trips to Target and Micheals. But I would still love every minute of a spring break.


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