Thursday, February 25, 2010


When I can create something that feels new that I have made over from something I already have, I feel so good. Cost $0.00! This is repurposing. -Verb-Repurpose: Taking a thing or a material and using it for a purpose not originally intended. 

In an old house, my mom was pulling down her beautiful white and blue balloon shade.   I loved that fabric!  She was taking the shade down to replace it and I scammed it off of her because she was just going to throw it out anyway.  I cut that shade up and sewed myself kitchen curtains for our old house.  They were pickin' cute, if do say so myself.  Two valances and two panels:  Cost $0.00 .

(See the curtains there on the left?)
I didn't have much fabric left, but I've held onto it in my scrap fabric for almost 12 years now.  Recently I was working on rearranging furniture in my room.  I created a little laptop area but needed a chair.  We had a chair upstairs in the kids domain, but it looked like crap!  I think they eat meals off of the fabric seat it looked so bad.  I decided that chair was my next project.  With my scrap fabric and a staple gun, I recovered that chair.  I love it and it looks perfect with the color scheme I have going on in my bedroomAlmost new chair Cost $0.00!  Thanks mom!

What have you repurposed?


  1. Nothing. I suck at this. Love the chair!

  2. Nice going! I'm impressed and that really is a pretty fabric!

  3. Woo hoo! Way to use what you have! I have been using my husband's old button downs and t shirts to make shirts and pants for my boys. It feels so good to make something useful out of something that is not being used anymore! Satisfaction... and they look so cute too! I also just used some leftover fabric to make my daughter a skirt and I love it... I'll be posting it soon.

  4. That chair looks great! Love the print!!

    I haven't repurposed anything lately but this post gives me some ideas...

  5. I love the fabric on the chair.

    I haven't repurposed anything lately, but I think it is a great way to do things when the opportunity rises!


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