Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's According to KT...

When I married KT, he made it no secret that he hates Valentines Day. He says that people shouldn't need a commercial holiday to tell them when to celebrate their love. He made it VERY clear that we would not be celebrating THAT holiday as a matter of principle. Besides, he said and reminds me yearly, "Everyday is like Valentine's Day when you are married to me..." 


On a side note, he has gone back on his No Valentine Commitment.  Last year he bought me tickets to the Rascal Flatt's concert and sometimes he gets me a chick flick and chocolate.  I'm now the one that says "Hey baby, I didn't get you anything because every day is like Valentine's Day when you live with me..."  


  1. We too, do not lavish out valentine's day gifts, however if by chance we need something and buy it we flippantly say, Happy Valentine's! But, we do make it a point to do something special for our children and as a family. I adore doing an all out party for all holidays. It's fun! so we have a special dinner, breakfast and the children have goodies. I sometimes decorate with streamers or with a color theme.

  2. I am the one who is anti-Valentines, and Adam wants to buy me something!

  3. I am not real big on Valentine's Day myself, but I usually get the kids a little something.

    New follower over from Friday Follow:)

  4. Happy FF! I'm a new follower. When you get a moment drop by my blog and say hi:)
    Have a great day!

  5. On our first Valentine's Day, my ex-husband had a t-shirt made for me that said Valentine Day is for Wimps...I was not amused! Visiting you from Friday Follow. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Blogging!

  6. Hi! I found you on Friday Follow and LOVE your blog!

  7. Hmmm ... I haven't tried that line out. Maybe I ought to. We are pretty inconsistent about the way we celebrate Valentine's Day. We always do something little but I think I like your saying. :)

  8. Stopping by to say hello with Friday Follow. Hope you have an amazing weekend with your family and friends.

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  9. ha ha too cute! I'm jealous you got Rascal Flatts tickets!

  10. Has it already been a year since you went to that Rascal Flatts concert?!

    My husband is anti-V day...he calls it "another one of those pagan holidays"--
    and to that, I say, "get over it..."
    Last night he waited until 11:30pm to give me a card! He claims he put it on my pillow when we got home from church, but I didn't see it and I went the whole freakin' day thinking that he didn't do anything for me! Not cool!

    I'm impressed that your husband will bring home a chick flick for you...! What a stud!!

  11. I hate Valentines Day myself. The hubs is apathetic about it. My kids think it is another chance for candy. That's how we feel about it. I knew you wanted to know.


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