Friday, February 19, 2010

My Nooner


I have a secret shame. Something that if revealed could mean that others think less of me. I mean, I try to be all healthy and stuff...working out, eating right....I've even shared some favorite lo-cal recipes and some not so lo-cal recipes...This secret shame while lo-cal, is considered by some to be unhealthy...

Most every day after work I take a little pilgrimage to Fast Eddy's. What is Fast Eddy's you ask? Why it is only the best Chevron food store EVER. Why? Well, it's clean and there aren't any scary people. There isn't anyone that makes my skin crawl holding my purse tighter. No one to jump me as I'm crawling into my car. Not that it is a problem where I live, but let's just say, I'm a little sheepish of scary people. PLUS, this mecca offers .63 cent refills and a punch card to earn free drinks, and if you don't think that is enough...I can get a free popcorn anytime. That word FREE is like my favorite word....I saw a sign the other day outside an oil change joint that read, "FREE oil change to the first Lisa." It was calling to me, but I didn't need an oil change.

Anyway, holding out my holy grail refillable mug I fill up with first 3/4 Coke Zero and 1/4 Cherry Coke. I have it down to an exact science. I'm a drink mixer.  A mixed drink, if you will...Everything is properly balanced to give me my delicious lo-cal, icey drink with just a twist of sugar and cherry. Ah, I'm getting thirsty again just thinking about it....

What is your secret shame?

**Since composing this original post two weeks ago my mecca has raised the price of their refills to .79.  What the crap!? Here I am trying to brag them up and this is what I get in return.**


  1. I love to hit Sonic during Happy Hour. They sell drinks for half price from 2 to 4 pm everyday. I always, always get a LARGE Cranberry Limade. It's tart and sweet and just right!

  2. I love, love, love nasty, disgusting Super nachos from hold in the wall Mexican food places. I know I will be paying for it later, but it's worth it.

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  4. Umm...I really love Wendy's. Like, a ridiculous kind of love.

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  6. Sigh. It seems like the price has gone up on everything.

    Right now I'm loving cinnamon waffles with butter, peanut butter and jam. Like a waffle sandwich. I think I eat one almost every day!

  7. I am addicted to the little ice at the local Circle K. My co-worker is sweet enough to fill my Edward and Bella 54 oz New Moon cup every day at lunch for me!!

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  8. Hi I am a new follower thanks to the Friday Follower! I have read & scrolled & read some more & I know I will be back because you are a good read!!

  9. love your secret shame,mine is a vanilla shake and fries from mickey dees,ughhh so bad!
    following your from Friday Follow,have a fab weekend!

  10. Another Friday Follower here. I love your blog layout.
    My secret is a stash of chocolate in my desk at work.
    And Chocolate TEddy Grahams..yummo.
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  11. oh yum! That sounds soooo good. I love FREE too :) Which reminds me, did you enter my giveaway I have going on right now. FREE jewelry :)
    hmmm, what is my shame secret. I love the Back to Nature peanut butter cookies. I eat them almost daily :) they use all healthy ingredients, organic and stuff, but still high in calories :)

  12. I have too many secret shames to name. My life is one big secret :) Ha! Root beer floats, I get crab legs FOR the butter, frosting by the spoonful, disco music and 90210 :)

  13. I take a daily pilgrimage to the Hogi Yogi in the Union building for my 53 cent refill of Diet Dr. Pepper. They know me by name and don't even have to ask my flavor anymore! Well, it isn't a secret, but that's what I've got... :)

  14. you make me laugh....I love sweets too much~

  15. Hip hop- dancing music... like... Lady GaGa. There I said it I like her music. It helps me clean the house faster... I dont care for her or her fashion... but the girl has a wicked beat. :)

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  17. Sounds like me actually. My shame is either a Diet Coke with Lime with crushed ice and a straw hehe or a Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla added, oooo it is heaven!


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