Friday, August 14, 2009

Where dreams come true...

Disneyland Rocks! Just not in August...It was fun, but far too crowded and HOT. We have been in September before when the kids were in year round school. And, we have been in early June. Both of those times are really quite pleasant. I've made it pretty obvious in the past how I like to organize and plan. I used a software program called Ridemax to help plan our trip. It is awesome and I highly recommend it. It helps to minimize your wait time. We got so much riding in...You put in the rides you want to ride, then it analyzes data and puts you in line when the lines are the shortest. It is ingenious and well worth the $15.00 I paid. If you are planning a trip to Disneyland or Disney World, splurge and try it out. You will find it very worthwhile. Ladybug thinks it is the happiest place on earth...
This pose was her suggestion. She likes to see her parents kiss.
I don't know why...


  1. That's so sweet! My kid hates it when I kiss my hub. She doesn't like it when we hold hands either.

    I went to D-land in August once. I about melted. But it was still a lot of fun.

  2. We are hoping to go in January. Can't wait to get out of the snow!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful recap and the ridemax reccomendation. I can't wait to take my kids next year.

    Love the picture of you and the hubs kissing!

  4. Your family is too cute! I also love the kissing picture - you two are adorable! I hope you guys had a blast... I love Disneyland!

  5. I'm not a summer Disney Land person because of the heat and the crowds. But it's hard to go other times during the year because of the kids' school schedule. We are due to go sometime sooner or later though. Our little kids can't remember having gone because they were too little!

    That's funny about your duaghter liking it when you kiss. My friend's daughter is like that too. Not my kids. They hate it when we kiss!

  6. Great pictures...I've never heard of ridemax! That's brilliant!

    I'm embarrassed to say that my kids have never been to Disney!
    What kind of mom am I?!

  7. I miss Disney Land. We used to go every October at least. Once Larry and I went alone in April, and the day started out drizzley. The weather cleared up, but the crowd never really came. We were walking straight on to very papular rides. It was the best trip ever.

  8. We went for a week in August....I was so dehydrated! They actually had a blackout because it was so freaking hot and lost power for a couple of hours. They gave us a free day, which was fabulous. I will never again go in August.

    I thought September was perfect....

  9. what a great suggestion to have you kiss. It is always warming to a child's heart to see their parents show affection, it is comforting but look now you have a photo! I think you should take more of those. what a great vacay


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