Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joshua Trees

(Not the best photography, but it was taken out the window of a car going 80 mph, you get the idea.)
While traveling through the deserts of Southern Utah, Nevada and California, I beheld some of the most interesting and beautiful landscape. One of the most unique and unusual things I saw out the window of my speeding car was the Joshua tree. These trees are so peculiar looking. To me, they are a cross between a regular tree and a cactus. I did a little research on them, and here is an interesting snipit of info that I found here...
"This spectacular plant has become the symbol of the Mojave Desert. Mormon pioneers named the species for the biblical figure Joshua, because the trees uplifted limbs reminded them of Joshua praying and pointing to the heavens. John Fremont, early explorer and promoter of the West, called it "the most repulsive tree in the vegetable kingdom." Today its large size and unusual characteristics make it an appealing and attractive component of the desert."


  1. I didn't know the history. Very cool!

  2. My big brothers name is Joshua. Growing up he used to tell me that this tree was named after him. =) Since I was very young I believed him until my Mom told me one day that my brother was full of it. SNORT!

  3. I never knew that. Pretty cool.

    I love the desert. I don't want to live in it, but it has its own unique beauty that you just have to be in awe of.

  4. And tarantulas often make their nests inside of them!

  5. i will look at it very differently now. What a great gospel principle or lesson to be shown by nature.
    Things can be very ugly or unattractive until you really get to know why, or what it's all about. Now this tree has some beauty, or rather it always had beauty. It is the beholder's eyes who were open! LOVE IT!

  6. So interesting!--I never knew the story behind the Joshua tree! I'll make a note to steer clear of them the next time I'm out in the dessert thanks to Heatherlyn's tarrantula comment!

  7. i just got back from southern utah and arizona... I saw the same trees.. I have always loved them.

    and I think of U2 (the band) when I see them. that was one of my favorite albums!!!


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