Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Our trip to California would not have been complete without a trip to the beach. Laguna beach was beautiful with warm sands and cool water.
The boys enjoyed diving into the waves. Despite the baby reef sharks, TJ still manned up and went in the water.
I lost my polarized lenses in a huge wave. I honestly forgot I had them on. I took Ladybug out a little too far to where she couldn't touch. She was hanging on to her mommy when a huge wave came rolling in. In alarm, a four letter expletive came out of my mouth setting Ladybug up for screaming in terror. As the wave, tossed and turned us under the water, my only thought was to hold on to my daughter. Forget the polarized lenses, those can be replaced, Ladybug can't.
I think these kids were born for this. They've got "beach baby" written all over them...


  1. I honestly have NEVER seen the water look that pretty at Laguna Beach. YAY! Looks like they cleaned up all that sewage spill real nice. (haha! J/k) But for real, the water looks incredible. Sad I live an hour away and never go anymore.

  2. Oooh, looks like SO much fun! Cute toes!

  3. Sorry about your glasses but good call hanging onto ladybug instead.

    I've only been to the beach once. It was one of those top ten moments of my life. =)

  4. I am so envious right now. I miss the beach! we used to go every summer and I havent been in a long while. It looks like everyone is having a great time!

    a wading pool in the back yard just doesnt cut it now. :)
    have fun on your vacation!

  5. Lady Bug looks like she is doing one of those slow-motion running scenes on Baywatch!

    Great pictures--the water looks beautiful.

  6. i love the beach pics! This summer we lost 3 pairs of sunglasses because of the waves. The color of the ocean is beautiful in your pics!

  7. I've never seen the water look so pretty at laguna beach either; it must have been the polorizer lenses before they were lost. I just lost mine yesterday picking blackberries. It sounds much better to lose them in the waves while rescuing your daughter! I love those beach days. We don't make it to the beach nearly enough see as we live in Idaho!


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