Friday, May 22, 2009

Prom - Only a month late!

TJ decided to go to Prom even though he was against the idea for the past few months. He says it would cost too much. I have raised a frugal child. SHOCKER! But, at the last minute he asked his best friend JT. I was so glad he took her, because as a mom I didn't have to worry about any funny business. His grandparents were generous enough to loan him the Corvette. Had I been his age and they had a Corvette, I'm fairly certain they wouldn't have loaned it to me. They must have a special affinity for their oldest grandson. (This very special boy borrowed his mother's flat iron. What the crap? He looks much better when it curls up around his ears. Just like Jim from the office.) TJ + JT = a fun prom date. I secretly hope that when he comes home from his mission, he will rediscover her with different eyes. That is if someone else hasn't snatched her up first. I love that girl!
And if you are wondering...that is a real bear rear end there in the first picture.
This is Idaho!


  1. They both look great! How fun to have a Corvette.

  2. Your son and his date look so sweet!
    Oh man that would be so awesome to drive a corvette to Prom!

    Thanks for your awesome comments on my blog.

  3. I too love Jordan and she looked soooo beautiful! They made a darling couple!

  4. Gosh, she's cute! They make a handsome couple!--I'm pretty sure she'll be snatched up before he gets home from his mission! :(

    (But who knows, maybe no one's hair will compare to TJ's flat ironed "do"...tee hee...

  5. She is so pretty! She reminds me a lot of you! They do make a great couple.

    TJ borrows your flat iron and my nephew uses his mom's curling iron....what is with boys today?


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