Thursday, October 30, 2008

REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH - the rantings of a frustrated woman

I would like to try out some Obamanomics. Is that a word? If not, it's mine so give credit where it is due. Anyway, I think I would like to try out that redistribution of wealth thing. You see, I have this Ford Windstar that I'd really like to take a baseball bat to, then tell insurance it was vandalism, but that would be insurance fraud (and not honest). This car is driving me NUTS! The check engine light came on and we took it in for service. After $1200 they SAID it was fixed. Three days later the check engine light was on again. They said, "No problem, we have a two year guarantee on our work." Took it back in, it sat there for three days before they finally put in a $17 part. Three days later the check engine light was on again. Took it back, sat another three days, they said they cleaned something or other, I don't remember and it was "Free". Three days later...You get the idea. Now they say that they missed something the very first time and it is another $1,000 (and that was with a discount). Now come on, if you missed it the first time, shouldn't the labor be free? They already had the engine torn apart once. Lucky for me the car runs. We told them no and brought it home. I'm legal to drive it until registration comes due, then I lose my registration because we won't meet emmision standards. So, in honor of Obama's redistribution concept, I am taking donations to get my car up and running. Any takers? Didn't think so. This is what it looks like. Better yet, I'll leave the keys in the ignition. hint, hint (Okay, I really am just kidding. A girl has to rant).


  1. Great post! Obama oshama piece of dungo! I hope people get smart and vote white boy! Not that I have anything against dark boys, but in this case i want white boy and lady with the bangs! she is awesome and i want her to help lead this crazy nation!

  2. I'm soo frustrated with this year's voting options. I could be the one ranting! I feel for your frustration with the car, we are sometimes the shop that people get to second who would have found the true problem to begin with. Diagnostics are difficult and best left up to the mechanics serious enough to keep up on their training and bother to subscribe to a current diagnostic helpline! I'm soo sorry you had a bad experience!


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