Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay, I saw this preview on TV on Monday. I can't wait for November 21! The Twilight series gave me insomina for weeks! Couldn't put them down. Stephanie Meyer is a genius! I feel a girls night coming on...(Don't think Kevin would appreciate the movie and I don't want to get the canned response "It's Okay". Ugh! Just for the record, KT, you are my Edward. You bit my neck along time ago and now I'm stuck with you forever!


  1. I too LOVE these books! I read the 1st three books during that first month after Emily was born. I sat and nursed baby, slept, and read. I couldn't do much else after the c-section any way! I can hardly wait for the movie!!!!

  2. I have no intentions of ever reading the books. I might see the movie though!

    You fall into the 95% of my other blogging buddies who read them.

  3. We should have a girls night and go see the movie openning night. I was thinking of taking Megan with me! What do you think! I can't wait to see them!


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