Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today KT found out that he has survived this round of layoffs. We are much relieved! It is still hard to spend your day at work and watch as people are escorted out of the building by security carrying only a brown cardboard box filled with personal effects. He is struggling as he watches people he knows leave and knowing that they have families depending on them is hard to take. These are tough times. But, for the now, we s are okay. No reason not to feel grateful for that and we definitely are!


  1. We didn't make it through the HP layoffs in August. They had a meeting on a Tuesday and were told that the next day was their last. It has been so much fun! NOT! We have been trying to find a job here in Boise with no success so far!

  2. So sorry about your husband, Jeni. Times are scary. We were drawing blanks on a career change. We have no idea what we would do without Micron. Our prayers are with you...

  3. Ron made it through the layoffs as well. I am so relieved and grateful that both our hubby's still have jobs! Something to definetly be grateful for in these hard times!


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