Friday, October 17, 2008

Lay Offs

Here is the latest for us. Micron is laying off again. We have until Sunday to choose a voluntary lay off. The incentive is 6 extra weeks of pay on top of the severance package. But we've decided to hang on as long as possible. We will find out next week what our future holds. I have a feeling KT will be fine, but he's not sure. He has become so specialized in his field, it would be hard to find something new, much less sell a house!


  1. I am thrilled to have another blogging buddy!! I look so forward to checking it out! So sorry to hear about Kevin's job. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he will be safe!

  2. You know, we really ought to be best friends. We have so stinkin much in common! I'm 39, total Cubs fan, our kids are almost the exact same ages and so on!! We really ought to get together some time!

  3. We should get together sometime. I would love it!


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