Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marjorie Parisi

My grandma sits in a hospital bed fully alert knowing that her body is shutting down. She knows that she has been given only weeks to months to live. She is laying in her bed thinking of a better place and a better time. She thinks about golfing in the sunny California weather. Playing on the beach and walking on the pier in Manhattan Beach. She remembers being strong and healthy enough to teach her girls how to do cartwheels across the lawn. She thinks of her husband and mother who await her on the other side. She remembers... God has his purposes, and this one we are still trying to figure out. I know that as her granddaughter there are things I can do for her. I can be there with her so that in her last few days, weeks or months she knows she is loved and can pass peacefully into the presence of our Heavenly Father. A quote comes to mind from the Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley, "Never lose faith in your opportunity to lift those who are in need, to give strength to those who are weak, to give encouragement to those who falter by the way."

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