Monday, February 2, 2015

School Mom


Cataloging my past jobs was actually kind of fun!
  • Pizza Maker
  • Insurance Company Receptionist
  • Music Store Clerk
  • Real Estate Company Secretary
  • Travel Agency Receptionist
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Secondary School Administrative Assistant
It has brought up some great memories, like the time I worked in the record store and got to meet Ratt and they gave me free tickets to their concert…(You’d have to be from the 80’s to know)…
Or the time I got a free trip to Maui from the travel agency…
And then there was the time I helped kidnap the Inflatable Pink panther from the Insurance company with a ransom note and everything…good times. 
But, by far, the most favorite job I have ever held was that of a mom.  I miss those days of fully devoting myself to homemaking and caring for my family.  I aspire one day to do that again…you know, work from home fully devoting myself to a clean home and yummy meals, exercising, being more spiritual and doing yoga, of course...A girl can dream...

However, I have been given the most flattering job title lately by some of the students, and you know, it runs a close second to ‘mom’.  Some of the students have been calling me ‘School Mom’.  I work on state reports, handle accounts payable/receivable, schedule students in their classes, manage transcripts, answer phones…but what the students call me is School Mom, and I LOVE IT.  Seriously, could there be a more flattering title? 

School Mom because I show concern, offer kindness, I compliment, I smile, I help them if they need something, I get them medicine when they’re sick. 
School Mom…because if you can’t be with your own mom, at least you have a school mom

What job title do you own?

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