Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Turn Toward the Light

Warm sunlight on my skin, turning my face toward the light, I feel the heat on my cheeks and eyelids.  I love the sun.  I'm a worshipper of sorts...with sunscreen, of course.  I can't get enough of it and soak up every bit I can in the spring and summer.  My home has to have lots of windows to let that sweet sunshine in.  It rules me and warms my soul.  I have a sing in my home that says "Live in the Sunshine" because that's important to me.  I should live at the beach, just sayin', all those sweet, warm rays...all...the...time.  But, I live in Idaho, and in the winter that means INVERSION.  It's like living in this dark clouded blanket.  Misty darkness even in the bright of day.  I haven't seen the sun in a week, and I'm feeling it.  There is one beautiful point, though, in all the freezing cold foggy inversion, and that is the beauty it creates on the trees.

This wintery frosty, Christmasy goodness is lingering on in nature.  I don't mind this beauty, but CAUTION, don't slip.

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