Monday, December 16, 2013

Transfers, Basketball and the Ghetto {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

November 25, 2013


So I'm getting transferred, to Athens during football season, UGA is in my area! Crazy, right!!! I'm sad, though, Elder Hansen has been one of my favorite companions so I was hoping to stay with him not in the area though, I'm going to the ghetto, so I'm pumped haha!! This week was pretty cool, we have been teaching a kid named Andre, and we took him a church tour this week.  There was a super strong spirit by the baptismal font! Today we are passing him off to the young single adult Elders. We also met this guy named Bobby and he invited us in because we told him a Prophet was on the earth.  He invited us in and said he has never heard that.  He feels like the world is in a haze with religion and invited us back.  It was sweet!!! Not much else. By the way, if you wanna send me anything for Christmas just money is fine!

"The Lord does not care what you have done but where you are willing to go"

Elder Hamer out!"

December 2, 2013

"Well new area!!!

It is sweet! We live in Athens and there are so many projects and ghettos! I love it!! This week we found 14 new investigators! There are so many humble people, it is awesome. On Friday we were going door to door in these projects, and there were a bunch of like 20 year old guys playing basketball. So I went and I asked if I could get in, they were like "we always let Mormons play" ahahahaha But I went up on this tall guy and scored on him and accidentally knocked him down.  All the other kids started yelling "that white boy is too big for you!" It was legit! But this week we met this funny guy named Casper.  He was baptized in Atlanta.  He was a super, funny old black guy and talks really fast and mumbles.  He is cool.  We committed him to start coming to church again, and he was super excited.  We also, on Thanksgiving, met this family who has Mormon relatives, and blessed their home.  The mom and 2 daughters were down to read the Book of Mormon,  but the dad didn't commit.  We are praying for something to go well with them.  They are the Songster family, it was cool. umm hmmm what else! Oh I got transferred away from my best friend Elder Fowers haha, but I don't have much else to say. I was reading president Monson's talk from conference this morning and he asked a question we should all ask,  "Shall I Falter, Or Shall I Finish?"   I thought it was a sweet quote!

Hamer out!"

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  1. Awesome :) Sounds like he's doing well!

  2. hahahaha...just money!! i love it...<3

  3. So fun. His personality really comes through. I bet they love him.

  4. Great letters. He has got to make you proud. :)

  5. Ah!!! He is in the ghetto side of Athens, hilarious! Probably east Athens I'm thinking..or straight up downtown close to the Varsity, there are some projects over that way too. We are really going to try and see him possibly this weekend, just have to get my ducks in a row! If not the hubs will totally visit with them while I am working! I hope he sends you pics of the beautiful campus/area!!!


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