Monday, December 9, 2013

Missionaries, Wheelies and Frustrations {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

November 11, 2013

Well this week has been good!!!!!!!!!!
At the beginning of the week we got dropped by 4 investigators!!!! Then a part member family we were going to teach decided they would prefer sisters missionaries!!! Awesome! I guess we are the reject set of Elders in a ward with 2 sets of Sisters! It stinks! But, at the end of the week, we met this kid named Andre.  We were walking by and he was talking to his girlfriend.  We were gonna walk right by but it popped into my head that there are no coincidences.  So we walked up and he said we could teach him the next day!  So we went by and taught him the first lesson.  Now he is asking about baptism and we are teaching him again tonight! He is cool, but he couldn't make it to church sadly! 

We also met this thug guy, and he was totally not interested.  But, I asked if we could come back anyway, and he was like yeah tomorrow at 5, so we went and we met his brother who is about to be deployed tomorrow and he knows a Mormon in his Marine platoon.  We are teaching him tonight as well! so that is cool too!! ummmmmmmmmmmmm but not much else other than look how cool Elder Hansen, Elder Fowers and me are!!!!!
Hamer out!!!

November 18, 2013


Well this week was interesting! We had a lot of good plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they all failed!!! Yup, that's life as a missionary!! Andre dropped us and decided against baptism! We went back by to visit him and testified and he decided to let us come back by and teach him again tonight!!!! Satan did not defeat us...yet!!!! 

This week was seriously pretty hard.  I'm at the point that I feel like I have tracked every subdivision and we are really struggling to find! It's okay...this will probably be my last full week in this area as next week are transfers. This week we were knocking on doors and I think I set my mission record of most unanswered doors like 40 in a row.  It was crazy, like no one was home! Then we met this super nice guy and he loved us and thought we were amazing.  Then he introduced us to his really attractive 20 year old daughter and said, "Honey these are amazing young men", and we stood their awkwardly and were like "we'll see you later." So that was awkward!!!! 

This morning I was messing with my companion and he shoved me and I fell over our coffee table and killed my shin!!! It hurts so bad! but hmm what else happened!?!?! ummmmm oh yeah I'm getting super good at riding wheelies down the road!! But yeah I'm out of stuff to say!!!

Hamer out!

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  1. How cute. And the days are so like that. I remember days full of appointments when not one came through. Bless him.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh yes, R has many stories from his mission of LDS moms and non LDS moms trying to marry off their daughters hahaha! I hope that wasn't that father's intentions, but you never know!


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