Monday, December 23, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

Zion and I before I was transferred



This week has been fun.  We got a lot done and played some bball in the ghetto again! Loving life!!!! We talked to this one guy the other night who was telling us about how when he was born it was in the middle of a hurricane and he was a mile under sea level and how they were driving to the hospital and the water was over the trees it was funny! At the end he was like "I gotta warn you boys, I'm a little intoxicated" (as if we couldnt smell it) hahahaah I was laughing so hard for the rest of the night.  I kept telling my companion,  "I better warn you, I'm a little intoxicated."

We had dinner with the Songster family and taught a quick lesson about faith.  They have like no religious background. It was sweet and the spirit was really strong. The awkward thing was they have two 19 year old twins, and we felt like we were being set up, but we had a great lesson. We found another 12 new investigators this week.  The only problem here is getting them to have a follow up lesson.  We took an investigator named, Johnnie, to the Christmas broadcast last night, and she was in tears.  It was sweet, and a member had brought a friend and introduced us it was so cool! ummmm yeah I don't have much else to say just working and stuff.  Gotta go play basketball!!! 



This week has been pretty fun.  It has been raining a lot but still not very cold.  This week we have been doing a lot of door to door visits.  When I came into the area they had just baptized someone and didn't have really anyone else to teach.  Right now things are really picking up! We have found 40 new investigators in the bast 3 weeks.  The only problem is that it is hard to find people who will keep further appointments and progress. We are really starting to sift the wheat from the tarse lately. 

We met this Chinese lady last night, and she said we were angles.  She is the only one who believes in Christ in her famiy  and is going through some really hard stuff lately.  She seemed excited to be taught. Then, we met this girl who is 24 and has 3 kids and her biggest fear is being separated from them.  We testified of eternal families and she invited us back. 

We met some thugs that the other Elders invited to the Ward Christmas party.  It was funny because they were totally out of place, but they loved it because of the free food haha. They told us they would be at Church but they didn't show.  

Oh we have had some really noisy neighbors move in down stairs.  Last night they literally screamed at each other for like an hour.  So I went down and talked to them, and they were quiet for like 15 minutes then screaming again. So that was fun!  Then it happened again at 5:30 in the morning, and my companion slept through it.  I just sat there listening haha. So I think I am getting way better at writing emails. That is all I've got today, love u all!!

Hamer out!

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