Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas and Minimalism and {MMB}

Yesterday I wrote a post over at MMB on Christmas and Minimalism.

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  1. I have friends with whom Christmas (and birthday!) gift exchange comes.... whenever. Partly because we share a disposition towards procrastination. Partly because we don't wish to feel guilty over being late. Partly because we don't want to wait until some odd notion of "the proper time."

    Growing up, family traditions generally dictated which gifts were opened on Christmas Eve and which on Christmas Day. But exceptions were made if someone wasn't going to be around on their "assigned" day, and over the years as we left home, new traditions were born, and our "new" traditions seldom last more than one year.One thing remains constant: the reasons for the gift giving are not dictated by the calendar but rather by finding that special something we believe will bring that desired joy to the recipient's eyes.


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