Monday, October 21, 2013

Lawrenceville Rocks! {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

Letter Dated 8/12/2013

"Whats up fam,

Well these past two weeks have been pretty sweet.  Lawrenceville is a pretty awesome area. We have had about 12 new investigators in 2 weeks, and we have a kid named Zion ready for baptism on Sep 6th.  He is legit!  His grandma is a member, and she referred us to him. His mom isn't interested, but she is allowing him to be taught.  He is a really cool kid.  Zion is from New York so he has a heavy accent. We also have a couple named Zay and Sharee and their 2 year old son Jeremiah that we are teaching.  We taught them their first full lesson yesterday and Sharee, the mom teared up, it was sweet!!  A guy named Harry showed up to church, and we weren't even expecting him.  He loved it, so we are excited to teach him more. Tomorrow we are teaching another family, the Bradley's, who I haven't met yet.  They were found when I was working with another Elder. They sound legit! And, we are teaching another lady named, Renee, on Wednesday.  She has 4 kids.  

So everything is going great!
These are some funny pictures! I promise will write some letters. I have just been super busy!!!! but ........

Elder Hamer out!"

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