Sunday, July 8, 2012

How does this thing work?

On this day I have been married for 23 years or in September I'll have been married for 17.  I've married this man twice.  However you want to look at it....23 years?  17 years?  Pish posh! I'm still trying to figure out how this thing works.

KT is loud and opinionated while I am quiet, introspective and often shy.
KT likes to watch sports while I am more of an HGTV girl.
KT loves movies where things blow up, I prefer a romantic comedy.
KT likes to play golf, I like to run
KT can't stand it when the house is quiet, he has to have the TV on.  I prefer a bit of quiet solitude to buoy up my spirit.
KT drives fast, I keep the speed limit
KT prefers Diet Mountain Dew, while I enjoy Diet Cherry Coke.
KT likes cake, I like Ice cream
KT loves to discuss politics, I cringe at the idea.
KT likes Classic Rock, Dance tunes and Rap, I'm a country music girl

What is the glue that binds this thing together?  Sometimes our differences far outweigh our similarities!  But, we share the same religious and political views and that is so important.  (Fewer arguments in my estimation).  And, he makes me laugh.  Boy, can he make me laugh!  We share three children together.  The fruits of my labors, if you will....

What is the glue that binds your marriage together?


  1. My marriage is predicated on who is right. Seriously. I love to be right. But I'm always quick to confess when I'm wrong. It's usually silly things like when did we last by new pillows and the longest time we lived in one place.

    And congrats! 23 years is quite the accomplishment!

  2. Your family is gorgeous! My husband and I differ greatly! Different cultures, different opinions, different everything! But we usually find a space right in the middle... together.


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