Monday, July 30, 2012

That Little Red Car

Shortly before Miguel left for his mission, he was pulled over yet again....merely for driving a suspicious looking vehicle.  The police officer asked for his ID and the ID of his passenger which was his sweet girlfriend.  Sweeping his flashlight around the vehicle then into the eyes of it's passengers, the officer handed the ID's back.  Satisfied that they weren't carrying drugs or alcohol, they were sent on their way with Miguel anxious to share his latest run in with the police.  You see, Boise Police shoot to kill and Meridian police pull over and intimidate.  They were doing their job, but when your child is the object of the pull overs and intimidation because of your poor vehicle choice, it is frustrating.

I remember the time Miguel was randomly pulled out of class in High School by the principal who had him meet with police in the parking lot.  The police wanted to drug search HIS car.  With student's peering out the windows the police dog hopped in sniffed around and sat down.  He had found nothing.  The Principal called me at work to tell me what happened and to apologize.

There have been several times over the last couple of years that Miguel has had some sort of run in with the police in that car.  There was that time he was pulled over for suspected Drunk Driving and, of course, Police Practical Joke.    Even though these pull overs did not result in fruition of what the officers "suspected" and Miguel was innocent every time, it is still stressful for a mama. So when I tell you that we sold his car within 12 hours of his leaving for his mission, please know that I was not heart broken.    

Goodbye little red pain in my.............


  1. Future note to self: no red cars. :)

  2. lol it looks like it's a good thing the red car is gone! Great post!

  3. Seriously? That looks like the perfect little high school car to me. Cheap gas.

  4. Wow! I'll have to remember, No red cars for teenagers. What a pain to be so singled out because of the car you drive.

  5. Good grief! And good riddance!

  6. Good to know. Send all my kids off in a minivan. I can do that.

    Happy Sharefest!


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