Monday, July 2, 2012

He Came Home

The beginning of my marathon week included welcoming Military Man home.  I have decided that welcoming a son home is a little like what Heavenly Father must feel when he welcomes us home with open arms.  I was so excited I was jumping out of my skin.  When I saw TJ, I ran to him and gave him the biggest hug.  It is so difficult to send your children out into the world as adults, but so satisfying when they come home.  


  1. So happy for you!! My daughter is in the Air Force serving in Florida, and my son is in the Army serving in Kansas. We're ALL getting together this year for Christmas!!! We haven't been able to do that since 2007!!!

  2. Hooray! I'm so glad you get to hang out with your military man!

  3. Just the perfect thing to read a day before july 4th. My brother in law is in Afghanistan right now and we can't wait for him to come home safely. Im so happy for you.


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