Friday, October 16, 2009

Defining Experiences

There are few times in your life that an experience can truly define you. Those experiences that show the substance of which you are made are experiences to be noted and recorded in the tome of your memory.

Like for instance the time I learned I was a woman of patience, long suffering, forgiveness and STRONG STOMACH.

A few years ago (like 14) I got a call from the missionaries in our ward to say that they were taking my husband to the hospital. With a two year old and three year old in tow, I rushed to the hospital to find out what was going on. My young at heart dear husband had been jumping off of tables in the church gym to get slam dunk pictures like this...

only to fall and break both arms that looked like this.

You could imagine the dilemma this caused for me. I was potty training the two year old, but quickly put this on hold to care for my dh. I will leave to your imagination the best and worst I had to do for him. If you have to ask it, then the answer is probably is "yes". I mean the man could not even reach for an itch. Much less other important tasks.  Next time I'm hiring a nurse named Big Bertha.  The purple casts were my form of punishment for highly inconveniencing me.

I knew after this little faux pas, that we were destined to stay together. At least I can say that there is no more table jumping taking place. AND, if I ask him to hold my hair back while I am throwing up, he'd better not complain!


  1. Steve broke his back and ankle, which required surgery during what was supposed to be a quick weekend trip from Chicago to Utah to visit his sister and kids. We ended up in her living room with a hospital bed and a very immobile husband needing all the care you are familiar with too! Yes, a zip line ride gone wrong! We still laugh at his sticking his hand in a cow pie while laying on the ground waiting for the ambulance!

  2. Haha! Jay separated his shoulder 4 days before our wedding trying new tricks snowboarding. Let's just say our honeymoon wasn't that fun because he was on pain pills the whole time :) You gotta love husbands that are so young at heart!

  3. I'm not sure if a man could ever live that down! Your inconvenience was equalled by his completely stupidity in doing that ... and yet it is soooooo funny!!!! What a great story you have to tell future generations!

  4. i think it's nice that he'll always "owe you one". ;)

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