Friday, October 2, 2009

Change is in the air...

I know we are well past the first day of fall.  I try to hang on to summer as long as possible.  I love the warm air on my skin and the sunny days.  I love the light glow of summer on my children's cheeks.  I wear capris and sandals until it is just too chilly to do it anymore, like today where it has gone from 90° to 50° in a day.  It is reminiscent of my former life in Colorado where it can snow one day and be 70° the next.  Mother Nature does like to keep us on our toes.  I think it's all a joke. 

I sense the crispness in the air in the evenings lately. The shadows are falling differently, I'm beginning to recognize the grass going dormant and the leaves starting to change color. I do love the beauty of each of the seasons. I love the colors and smells of fall. I love when everything is snow covered in winter. I do get excited for the change of season as now is the time to bring out different clothes, longer pants, boots, sweaters. Sometimes the change of seasons, particularly fall and winter, depresses me, though.  They bring with them shorter days (less sunlight) and cloudier days (less sunlight).  If you didn't get it, I like sunlight.  Without it, I tend to get blue.

Does anyone else get blue during the winter?  Any suggestions on how to survive the coming months without my beloved sunshine?


  1. I don't like winter. I hate the snow. But I LOVE fall. Unfortunately, in Utah, summers and winters tend to be very long. I'm hoping for at least a month of fall this year!

  2. Oh, yeah! Even though winter is my favorite season, it's hard not to feel a little cranky when we get down to six hours of daylight in a day. Especially if those six hours are obscured by clouds.

    My advice? Get outside, even for a few minutes, every day. And as tempting as it is to start downing carbs like nobody's business, make sure your blood sugar levels are on par. Over or under eating throws me off at anytime, but during the winter, I really have to stay on top of it.

  3. i'm the opposite. i seem to thrive in the fall and winter.

    i suggest you eat lots of soup. soup makes me happy.

  4. I find months and months of gray depressing. And cold. Very cold. Yuck. I love the fall.

    Probably the best way to survive winter is to be busy with projects, keep good smells in the house, and have blankets to snuggle under!

  5. Move to Texas. No such thing as winter in Texas. Sunshine all through the winter.

    Totally feasible solution right? Ha! I thought so too.


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