Friday, February 27, 2015

Secrets, KT and Japan

Okay, I've got something I've been sitting on for a while, a secret of sorts.  My husband has been in Japan for veritably almost the whole month of February.  I didn't share this online here, and he was even forbidden from posting on Facebook...posts and pictures from Japan.  Let's face it, sometimes the online world isn't safe, and posting that I'm home alone for a month with my cute 16 year old daughter would just be downright stupid.  But, I am happy to say,  KT has returned, or he will later today. 

I have had a taste of single parenthood and truth be told...I DON'T LIKE IT.  No thank you!  A week here or there for a business trip...fine but the 20 days?  Heck no!  AND, he was able to come home a day early which in and of itself feels like a tremendous blessing.  But let's look at the month of February in review, shall we, and see what he has missed:

Valentine's Day
Shopping for Groomsmen clothes
Sampling the banquet menu for the after wedding luncheon
New Beginnings for Ladybug at Church
The funeral of a friend's son
Ladybug's first HS Dance (she looked lovely, by the way)

I'll be sure to blog on a few of these, for KT, yeah buddy, you missed some stuff, and we missed you! 

What do you think of business trips and travel and long separations? 

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  1. My husband travels a lot, but never for that long. I do not like the separation and single-parenthood one little bit. The perk, though, is when I get to use his frequent-flyer miles and go along. :)


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