Monday, February 16, 2015

For the Love of Books and Bookbub


Hi, I'm Lisa, and I'm addicted to all things books and reading.  I could seriously disappear into my quiet, introverted reading life if I were allowed to.  Flipping through the pages of a book make me so giddy...Seriously, I was sniffing my daughters yearbook just last night.  But, lately, most of my book reading has been done on a reading app.  Because how could I resist carrying around a veritable library right in my purse.  I mean that is just a freaking dream come true.   But if I'm not careful, I can enter a digital download hell.  It's so easy to just click for a book regardless of the price...

So here is the coolest thing I found, and maybe you've already heard of it, but it's called Book Bub.  You go online to their website and set up your profile with your favorite genre's, and they will send you a daily email with free and really cheap books for you to download from Amazon or Barnes and Noble and Apple.  Sometimes some really good authors test one of their books for free.  If they get you hooked, then you'll come back and buy more.

I love a good historical fiction/Romance so I have marked that category, but I've also marked Christian books because sometimes those romances can get a little too hot for me.  I've been known to delete one I can't handle.  But by selecting Christian, then I'll get information about clean Christian romances, too.  See how it works?  And if it's free and you don't like it?  Just delete. 

I'm not being paid by Book Bub or anything.  They didn't ask me to review their service.  I just love it so much that I thought others might too. 

What type of books do you enjoy reading?
Do you have an tips or secrets for us story lovers?

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