Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have not been able to stay away from my blog as long as I thought I could, because writing, and your comments, bring me joy.  Today I find myself thinking on the Word of the Year I chose back in January.  The word that would kind of frame my life for the last year and bring me purpose:  Simplify.

Although I may not have posted on this in a while, my quest for simplicity is still going strong.  Throughout the year I have genuinely engaged myself in the pursuit of simplicity.  I have gutted closets, garages, kitchen supplies, games, electronics.  eBay has become my good friend.  I have donated bags and bags of clothing and other items that were no longer needed to help the poor.  I've simplified my spending and my activities, as I've learned to quiet my heart and listen in the hush.

This word of the year of mine echoes through  my mind, my heart, my soul...Simplify...simplify....simplify.  As the year is soon drawing to a close, I don't think my pursuit of simplicity will end on December 31st.  It will be ongoing process for me, as I am in nowise perfect.  

Over my months of practicing SIMPLICITY, I have found several resources that have offered help and insight into how to create that simple life and simple home.

I Heart Organizing
Be More With Less - Life on Purpose
Becoming Minimalist
Loving Simple Living

Today I found myself purging my facebook account, simplifying and cutting down on people and pages that bring negativity into my life.   As I write this post, I hear the word of 2013 calling to me..........


  1. I purged my closets when we moved 10 yrs ago..only because it was easier to move less stuff. then i realized how much extra stuff was such a burden!
    I never went back to that life style and my life is a whole lot easier...I say simplify!!!

  2. I can't wait to hear next year's word! I have also worked on simplifying this year. It is so freeing, isn't it? It's amazing to go through all of the "stuff" we collect over the years and realize that when you get down to it, hardly any of it really means anything.
    Going to pin that simplify quote now...

  3. I love this word and I think its so important to simplify in all areas of our lives. I love this quote from M. Russell Ballard:

    "First, think about your life and set your priorities... Second, set short-term goals that you can reach... Third, through wise budgeting control your real needs and measure them carefully against your many wants in life... Fourth, stay close to your spouse, children, relatives, and friends... Fifth, study the scriptures... Sixth, schedule time for sufficient rest, exercise, and relaxation... Seventh, [as] families, teach one another the gospel, preferably in a weekly family home evening... Finally, pray often as individuals and as families."


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