Monday, August 6, 2012

Age Stage and All That Sass

I, as in my blog, was recently spotlighted on this awesome website.  I read through hundreds of comments, and they were so amazing.  There was this one comment that totally struck me.  It was from a sweet young mother, who wrote how she was excited to hear about someone in the "later stages" of life.  I don't remember the exact wording but Later Stages is what stood out to me...Later stages of life?  My GRANDMA is in the later stages of life!  She is 93!  Let me say, young mother, if you are reading this...I'm not upset, and if you wonder why I could possibly be upset in the first place than you are WAY YOUNG.  But, I am grateful to you, seriously, because you have given me a brain spark and fodder for my blog.  And if you are as old as I am, then you know how important any kind of brain spark is...All kidding aside though, thank you, truly.

I've never considered myself to be in the later stages of life.  But, I suppose when I was in my early 20's I may have looked at a woman of 43 with two sons out of the house and a 14 year old daughter as WAY OLD.  It's funny how things change when you get here.  It's true my skin is not as resilient as it was in my teens and twenties despite all the Mary Kay I use.  I have more of a middle than what I've had in the past... I may or may not have gray hair...that is to be determined at a much later date.  (Thank you for hair coloring and highlights)  But, you know what?  My brain and my heart still feel the same!  I still feel like that perky 17 year old inside.  Not the foot shuffling, tight permed old mama that I could be.  But let us look at the facts here, I am 43 with two of my kids gone.  My youngest will be out of the house at college in 4 years!  Let's do the math here...I will be 47 and an empty-nester.  I will be a YOUNG old...I will still have the energy to gallivant and travel and do all kinds of fun things.  Disneyland avec children?  HERE I COME!

As someone in the later stages of life let me tell you that I have more self confidence than I did in my 20's.  I can run farther and faster than I could back then.  I am wiser, I know how to sit back and laugh at the things that go wrong instead of stressing over them.  I enjoy food now instead of starving myself for that perfect figure.  These are things that 20+ extra years of life and experience have taught me, and you know what?  I wouldn't change back the clock for the world.  I love who I have become, I love where I am at, and I love my life.

What stage are you in and what do you love about it?


  1. You WILL be very young to have an empty nest! I'm excited to read about all of you travels and adventures. I bet you still have lots of fun with Ladybug too.

    As you know I'm currently in the baby making stage. It's great but can be taxing.

  2. At 48 I like to think of myself in a "middle stage" rather than the "later stage" of life. I wonder when I WILL consider myself in the "later stage"? Perhaps 65? But, then again, I suspect I will push that to 70 or 75? Who knows.

    Your second question has given ME pause to think and fodder for my own blog post on the subject. What DO I love about my stage of life? I really like what you said, and I feel very much the same. Perhaps I WILL write about it myself . . . soon. Great post!

  3. HAHA! It's all so relative, isn't it? I am 55, with a college senior and an 18 year old. I DON'T consider myself in the later stages of life (but perhaps the later stages of parenting?) I enjoyed this!

  4. I loved this post! I think about this alot! I too will only be 47 when I am an empty-nester! Crazy to think about! We intentionally had our children young, so we could enjoy them and life! It's awesome! Later years...pfffff!


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