Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's time

(Disclaimer:  That is not me, nor is that all my junk)

It's time to put this here Christmas away...I mean I already flipped the bird yesterday. Time to pack it up until next year...Clean, tidy and donate everything I don't want. Last minute tax deduction or a liberation? I don't know, you decide. It is all part of my Winter Solstice Celebration.

Merry New year!


  1. We must have the same Pagan blood running through our veins. :) It started for me yesterday when I attacked my kids' clothes, followed by my desk/office area. I've already filled four bags. The inner cleansing is fantastic!

  2. I have been doing the same with the kitchen. I swear I have not opened some of those cupboards (above the fridge) or used some of those dishes since we moved in 12 years ago! It really is good "inner cleansing" (Julie)!

  3. I packed up my Christmas stuff today too. Luckily, I didn't have time to unpack much before Christmas, so not much to put away! :)


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