Thursday, December 22, 2011

Please Lock Me in a Padded Cell

Do you ever have those days where you think, "Enough Already! Please lock me in a padded cell..." Yeah, I'm having one of those kind of days. It's where all those little things start to add up to something monumental, then all of a sudden you want to self destruct, go running or eat chocolate...I am at the self destruct phase.

Strike #1 I sent a package to Military Man. The post office insisted that the zip code was wrong from what TJ had given me. So I changed it to what worked for them. Turns out that is the Zip code for official government mail. I have been spending two days trying to track down that package for him whilst he has been working twelve hour days. It's hard enough that it is his first Christmas away from home, but to have mom screw up his Christmas box?! CRAP! Turns out that the box is being returned to sender parcel post cuz it wasn't official government mail. So it will be well after the new year before he get's his Christmas, PLUS, I gave the same address to both sets of Grandparents.  Classic...

Strike #2 While I was out trying to finish Christmas, Grocery shopping and a few errands at work, a certified package was delivered for Miguel FROM Air Force man for Christmas.  I was not there to sign for it so it has gone back to the post office.

Strike #3 I broke a bag of kitty litter all over the back of my car and garage while trying to bring in all the groceries.

Strike #4 I spilled a cup of hot Choffy all down the front of my clothes, while I was trying to decompress from all the stress...

So here I sit at the computer, documenting all the reasons why I am lacking and coming up short while ice cream is melting on the floor.

Please lock me in a padded cell...

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  1. You ought to win an award. That's pretty lousy stuff. I'm stressing but I think it is just hormones. :( I hope that the rest of your Christmas is much much happier.


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