Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Do you remember when we used to write letters? Well, do you? And I mean a REAL LETTER...I remember writing out letters in my loopy handwriting, maybe a spritz of perfume depending on who I was writing to, lick, seal, address, stamp, and wait and wait and wait. When you got a letter back in the mail, it was so exciting! Something to look forward to...

I'm not even sure if kids today even know how to address an envelope. If you happen to mail something, it is usually pre addressed or you have to line up the address with a little window in the envelope. This is the day of instant gratification: E-mail, instant messaging and texting. Kids don't know what it is like to wait and anticipate that piece of mail. Hopefully, it wasn't a Dear John or Dear Jane, because then the anticipation would just suck!

Don't get me wrong. I am a progressive kind of gal. I love my e-mail and texting. How could I not!? But there is just something special about those letters. And, yes, I used the word special. I am, hereto, making it a goal to write more letters because, well, it is just retro, and retro is cool. Right? So, I am starting with my grandmother.

Anyone else want to jump on the letter writing bandwagon? 
Besides it helps keep my postman employed. ;)


  1. I do love sending actual paper invitations. Evite is fine for some things, but there's something about a real invitation!

  2. I write back and forth to my sister-in-laws just cuz I love me some snail mail!

  3. I used to write to both grandmas all the time - (they aren't around anymore, so I write to my niece). I LOVE mail - cards, letters - anything that isnt junk mail. :)

  4. I think even the art of e-mail is dying. Facebook has taken the place of e-mails. I hardly ever get an e-mail that isn't some sort of advertisement.

  5. I have a little thing for stationary and blank note cards. I love collecting various blank cards. They can be quite a handy little thing. I too enjoy a written letter, sad that I don't receive them much.

  6. I love REAL mail, sending and receiving. I just haven't done much of it lately. :(


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