Monday, November 22, 2010

Sports, sports, sports

Lately, my afternoons have been consumed with either Middle School basketball practice or Middle school basketball games. Ladybug (#24)  plays even though she is a shortie, shortie short stuff. We get to travel to exotic sounding towns like Adrian, Oregon, Idaho City, Horseshoe Bend and Notus.  I never got into playing sports. I tried a little softball and volleyball with church, but I just sucked! I think that is why I love running so much. I'm doing something athletic, but at the same time, I don't have to feel like I suck compared to other people (unless I run a race, which I did, and it didn't even turn out badly.)

My evenings have been filled with football. I was never a HUGE football fan unless it is a team I truly care about the teams. KT is one to turn on whatever game because he LOVES it. I think he just likes the noise. Give me some Boise State Broncos or Denver any day, and I'll watch. Thanks KT for teaching me the love of the game.

What have your fall days been filled with?


  1. You are just all sports, all the time! Glad you are having fun.

  2. Well all the sporting events sounds fun to me!!! However, I'm sure middle school ball can get a little old. We've got some time before we venture down that road.

    And pumped of course to watch the game tonight! GO BRONCOS!! :)

  3. My Fall days have been filled with stuff at the kids' school and their dance practices. And cleaning up. Things never just stay clean.

    I'm grateful that my husband only watches the Broncos (for the very most part). I enjoy BSU football but it would drive me nuts just to have a game on. But sometimes it is what it is.

    I think that even though it is a pain to go all over the place for kids' sports that it is still a good time in life. And at least basketball is indoors. I'm really hoping my youngest turns out to like basketball someday as opposed to other outdoor sports. Is that selfish of me? :)


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