Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Awards, Awards!

Oh my gosh! I am so freaking excited! Did I say freaking? I meant FREAKING!!! I have been honored with a couple of awards from my blogging friend over at Blog-Ignoramus.  She is such an awesome blogger.  I think we are like sisters in the snarkiness factor.  Our sarcastic personalities are a perfect fit.  Well, this is like a Christmas Miracle; A Festivus. Who woulda thunk it? She has bestowed upon me, MOI, The  Five Diamond Award because my blog apparently sparkles.

I love things that are very sparkly and very twinkly, don't you?

I have also received The Circle of Friends Award!  Amazing, Inconceivable.  I didn't even know I had friends!!!I think my grinchy heart has grown two sizes this day!  Thanks, Mary!


  1. Okay, I think it is a "word" thing we got going...festivus, inconceivable? If I hadn't just dragged myself out of bed I'd have a good one fore you...maybe later?

    :) How did I live w/out you?

  2. Oh, and guess what? I forgot that along with the Circle of Friends Award you are SUPPOSED to list 5 of your favorite things. Like, so we can get to know each other better as friends do. duh. so....... I can't wait to read your list. If you so choose to do so.


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