Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday KT

Born July 7, 1967 (Yeah, he's 42!)
If he were a gambler, his lucky number would be 7.
When he was a baby they called him moose. I guess he was chubby!
As he got older, he thought he was all that!

Then he joined the Marines, and they taught him otherwise.
(He's the furthest on the right.)

Then, after we had kids, he gained his "moose" weight back!! He blamed it on my cooking, I blame it on the Ultimate Cheeseburgers.
Happy Birthday, KT! Love you!


  1. Happy B-day KT!

    It is amazing to me how much Miguel looks like KT's baby pic. What a handsome little boy he was! It is fun seeing the pics and seeing the similarities with your children.

  2. Happy Birthday, Lisa's hubby!! He was one cute little baby.


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