Friday, July 24, 2009

Life through Polarized Lenses

I've decided to look at life through polarized lenses. Who would have known that I had a lesson to learn from my $14.99 Target sunglasses. Truly they are an object lesson in the making. Polarized lenses cut the sun's glare making it easier and clearer to see. When looking at life through polarized lenses, difficult times may become more clear as the blinding glare of adversity is reduced. I've also noticed that on cloudy days my polarized lenses brighten the world around me. It makes things look sunnier where they are not.
This outlook has truly helped me recently. I injured my back, don't ask me how...I have no idea. There was pain with every twist, turn or step I took. I was no more comfortable sitting, lying down or standing. Sleep was elusive...I tried to think positively, and felt grateful for the times when I never have an ache or pain. I live a relatively pain free life...
Even in life if we are using our figurative lenses, we can find the bright side to almost any situation. From here on out, every time I slip on my $14.99 Target glasses I will be reminded of this parallel and re-examine my life through polarized lenses.


  1. I think I need to get polarized contacts.....

  2. I don't even know exactly what polarized glasses are! Glad you found something to help you. And cheap!

  3. no kidding. i often wish that it were that simple to see our trials clearly. all the emotional drama, the uncertainty of not really knowing how to process what is happening and how to deal with it, I could do without all that and would love to just have trials in perspective, or more perspective.

    i think that is part of life. learning how to create and feel the polarization. it's a gift of the spirit.

  4. I need to remember this little piece of advice every day of my life. I turn ever mole hill into a mountain. I need to just chill-lax! Thanks for the good advice.

  5. what a great perspective you have there! I remember my first pair of polarized lenses. they were oakley's and they cost me about $200! yeah, and I left them on a beach in puerto rico!! NICE!! last time I ever spent a bunch of money on sunglasses.


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