Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Love My Veterans

I love me some veterans...I feel so blessed and honored to have three in my immediate family.
My dad served in the Army during Viet Nam.  He was even shot down from his helicopter and still suffers today with shrapnel in his head.  He is reminded every day of the sacrifice military members make when they put their lives on the line. 
KT served in the Marine Corps during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  We were newly married, it was a difficult time, but he returned safely to me.
TJ, AKA, Air Force Man, first child of mine served in the Air Force for several years, then when the department of defense were doing cutbacks, TJ volunteered to be let go.  He had somewhere to come home to, others did not. 

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  1. You have reason to be proud. We are grateful for unselfish families like yours.


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