Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days of Faith #30 and a Story

Ladybug is the perfect example to me of someone with pure faith, nothing wavering.    If only my faith could be as strong as hers.  Ladybug has an iPod touch of which she has kept very good care.  She recently switched schools and one of the hardest adjustments was her experiences with language and vulgarities on the bus.  I could pick her up every day from school, and as a mom I want to, but I also want to instill in her the ability to cope with things that are uncomfortable.  So, her solution has been to bring her iPod to school to listen to on the bus to and fro in order to drown out conversations and language that are upsetting to her.  She has such a sweet and sensitive spirit.

Last week, she used her iPod at lunch, then didn't have time to put it back in her locker.  She put it in the pocket of her hoodie and went to class.  By the last class of the day, she realized that her iPod was missing.  It just so happens that I was picking her up that day for an appointment, and she came to the car sobbing.  I thought someone had harmed her somehow!  She was devastated that she lost something that was so precious to her.  Yes, it is just a thing, but this thing helps her cope in an increasingly vulgar world.  I wanted to run right out and buy her another, but told her she would have to save her money for a time.  She retraced her steps that afternoon to no avail, then went to the main office to file a "missing iPod report".

A little background...her older brother TJ had THREE iPods stolen at this school, none of which were EVER recovered and each one he replaced with his own money.  So, Ladybug knew her chances weren't good, and so I told her that we needed to pray together.  For several days over our meal prayers and before she left for school every morning, we prayed that someone's heart would be softened and that they would turn in her missing iPod.  We prayed that someone would be honest and it would be recovered.  Two days later, in the same class that she realized her iPod was missing, she received a notice to come down to the office.  There they had her missing iPod.  Someone HAD turned it in.  Ladybug had so much faith, she knew that if she prayed her Heavenly Father would come through for her.  We don't know who turned it in.  We wish we did because we would like to thank them personally, but we know that we can thank them through our Heavenly Father, and believe me, we have been.


  1. Isn't it so difficult making kids ride the bus? I wish the schools would come up with a better system for supervision and safety!

  2. Wow. What a great story. That is a REALLY big deal. I know the vulgarities are horrible. My high-school kids complain about he language. It's awful. They also hate riding the bus (but since they chose to attend charter schools they get to rude buses coming home). I am so glad that she was blessed to have someone's heart softened to turning it in. <3

  3. How awful for your daughter. I think I'd be looking for alternative schools, but I'm impressed how your daughter has found her own method for coping.
    The power of prayer is amazing.

  4. What a great story! So glad her iPod was returned.


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