Wednesday, August 31, 2011

While Sitting on the Toilet...

I bet that got your attention. Yeah, It got mine too. Like the other day, while I was visiting with the porcelain God, there was this loud pounding on my door. Ladybug answered it, unfortunately, and it was angry neighbors. Neighbors that were angry that my 18 year old was driving through the neighborhood at 25. Wait, isn't that the speed limit? Moot point!

Whilst I was sitting, I heard this yelling from my front door. I figured I couldn't leave my 13 year old hanging and putting up with strangers, so I walk to the front door and say, "Why are you yelling at my daughter?" Then these guys turn on me and proceed to teach me a lesson on morals. Turns out Ladybug knew where I was and when these angry dudes asked for me she told them I wasn't home since she didn't want to embarrass me on the crapper and all.

I proceeded to get a very lengthy LOUD lecture on how my kids are out of control and I'm a bad parent. You lying 13 year old and my speed limit driving son (who does happen to thump very loudly with his bass). But, does that seriously make me a bad parent? Did they need to continue shouting at me till I cried? So condescending!

Enter here, KT, AKA Bulldog (he was a Marine) I called him crying whilst he was at a scout service project (You know we are the evil, bad neighbors). He came home fuming that someone would have the audacity to yell at his little girl (and the love of his life, ME). So, yeah, he marched down there and had some pretty loud words. So loud in fact, the neighbors wife called the cops. Interestingly it didn't bother her one bit that her husband yelled at a little girl. (Which by the way, should be illegal. Just sayin')

In case you were wondering...
We are now the neighborhood white trash. 
But at least I know KT's got my back.


  1. HAHAHA!!! White trash is so under-rated. Be proud, be loud! :) What jerk neighbors. Poor little thing getting yelled at. Glad you have a tough husband!

  2. I'm glad your husband went and yelled at that guy. That is RIDICULOUS!!!! What jerk neighbors you have. What miserable people your neighbors must be to YELL their complaints at your family.

  3. Dumb neighbors need to mind there own business! You are a great Mom. Ignore the jerks.


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